PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server on Fedora Core 18 – Part 1

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Application: PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server
Operating System: Linux – Fedora Core 18
Architecture: x86_64

1. Download.
– Access to EnterpriseDB web site

– Register, login and download the file ppasmeta-
– Download path /home/user/Downloads/ppasmeta-

2. Extract
– Open terminal.

– Extracted to /home/user/Downloads/ppasmeta-

3. Install

Language Selection

License Agreement

User Authentication – Using EnterpriseDB account.

Installation directory – leave it as default

Components Selection

Additional Directories

Configuration Mode – Oracle Compatible

Password for enterprisedb user

Additional Configuration – Port. Locale and Sample

Server Utilization

Workload Profile

PgBouncer Configuration

Service Configuration


Installation Confirmation

Installation Progress

4. Set up environment path

5. Access database using psql client

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